Vincent Grandjon, parfumeur créateur

Vincent Grandjon, a keen scientist, qualified doctor of biology and health sciences, engineer, professor at the École Supérieure du Parfum, curious about everything to do with plants and flowers, a genuine “botany buff”, has always had a passion for fragrances, scents, aromas, perfumery and cosmetics; a passion that he takes enormous pleasure in sharing with others, passing on what he has learned.

He travels the world in search of new high quality ingredients to work with, drawing inspiration from nature, from plant life and from minerals, but also from the different people that he meets, seeking to translate unique sensations and emotions into his fragrant creations.

An encounter…

«What I immediately liked about the Pont des Arts project was meeting and getting to know its creators, talking about our mutual passion for fragrances; what also appealed to me was their somewhat audacious desire to create magnificent new products in a sector that was considered as being closed, where everything seemed to have already been said and done. It was largely because of their intuition and their belief that I did not think twice about accepting their invitation to collaborate on this project. »

Vincent Grandjon, perfume creator