Legal notice, terms and conditions of use

Legal Notice

Website publisher 

The website is published by BGSi, whose head office is located at :

5, avenue du Général-Leclerc

92210 Saint-Cloud


Tel: +33 (0)1 46 02 10 14

Listed on the corporate trade register of the city of Nanterre under the number 493 199 038 (SIREN code)

Intra-Community VAT number: FR 60 493 199 038

Unique ID number Citeo : FR215650_01DXDB

Publication director: Bernard Siouffi, Managing Partner


Important note: our products are securely stored on the premises of our packaging partner. No products, in any form whatsoever, are to be found at the company’s head office, which is solely used for administrative purposes.


Site development and hosting

The website is hosted by

AXE VISIONspecialized in corporate IT solutions and internet development

10, rue Montéra 75012 Paris – France
Tel. +33 (0)1 55 33 10 60

Axe Vision has also developed the different functionalities of the website, adapted the graphic elements to the computer interface and performed all general production tasks. Axe Vision also deals with all technical maintenance issues with regards to the site and its legal regulations.




Terms and conditions of use (tcu)

By visiting the website (hereinafter referred to as “the PDA website”) you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted without reserve and in full these terms and conditions of use as well as the specific clauses pertaining to our data privacy policy.

The website publisher hereby reserves the right to amend all or part of these terms and conditions of use at any given moment and without prior notice.


Article 1 – Intellectual property


The templates used and the site contents: e.g. drawings, illustrations, models, texts, logos, brand names, photographs, pictures of people, etc. and also the following domain names:,,,, are the exclusive property of BGSi and as such are registered, governed by legislation in force and fully protected, in particular with regard to common law, copyright, image and industrial property rights.

All brand names have been registered with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), some of them (including Pont des Arts) in the European Union and in the United States via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This material is for private use only, with reservation as to divergent, even more restrictive, provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code. Outside of said private use, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, counterfeit, distribute, publish, use, mention or sell in part or in full any contents of this website. Therefore, any such use without BGSi’s prior written authorization constitutes an infringement of intellectual copyright and is punishable as such.



Overall design, graphic options, creative briefs and copywriting: Bernard and Géraldine Siouffi for BGSi

Perfume creation (current fragrance range): Bertrand Duchaufour, Vincent Grandjon

Drawings, certain models, styles and graphic templates: Rozenn Mainguené

Photos: Géraldine Siouffi (outdoor shots), Olivier Foulon (bottles and gift box), Rozenn Mainguené (compositions), collections Bertrand Duchaufour, Vincent Grandjon, Franck Tressens.

Other contributions (commercial or personal input): Rozenn, Isaure, Laura, Aurélie, Xavier, Sylvie, Franck L., Olivier, Bertrand, Vincent, Amélie, Anne-Sophie, Franck T., Marie-Laure, Henry, Florent H., Michel M., Julie, Michel B., Jean-Sébastien, Duncan, David, Amandine B., Eléonore, Jérôme, Dominique D., Éléonore, Olivier, François, Laure, Claudio, Amandine H., Daniel, Haifa, Marie-Aude, Florence, Chantal, Florent M., Anne, Annie, Géraldine, Jeremy M.W., Catherine P., Jean-François, Emmanuel, Marido, Wandrille, Brigitte, Corinne, Christophe, Isabelle, Louis, Anouk, Arthur, Catherine L., Véronique, Louise, Christopher, Maya, Yada, Foucault, Jacqueline, Jeremy C., Yves, Tanja, Jacques, Thierry, Danièle, Béatrice, Harilala, Marie-José… and many others who have taken an interest in our project and helped us to bring it to fruition.


Article 2 – Internal and external links


2.1 Links to the website or to one or more pages of the site


2.1.1 Creating links to our website home page 

Links to the PDA website home page may be freely established on condition that they are not used for commercial or advertising purposes and that the creators of the link have obtained the prior formal agreement of BGSi.


2.1.2 Creating links to pages on our website

The creation of direct or deep links to an individual page within the PDA website, whatever the form or content of the page, is strictly forbidden without the prior formal agreement of the site publisher, BGSi.

This includes in particular, but not exclusively, all image files (such as .jpeg, .gif, .png), all multimedia or animation files (such as .avi, .mov, .wmv, .flv, .swf, .ppt, .pps), all text or editorial documents (such as .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .xls, .pdf), and also any other document that is not directly readable via a standard web browser.


2.1.3 Inclusion, frames and inlining

Any use or reproduction, even partial, of an element of the PDA website inside another third party website  by means of procedures such as inclusion, framing or inlining, or any similar procedure, is strictly forbidden without the prior formal agreement of the site publisher, BGSi.

Authorization for establishing links of this kind must be formally requested by means of an e-mail sent to BGSi at


2.2 Links from to other websites, the internet or social media

The PDA website may sometimes be required to create links to other websites or social networking sites in order to provide its users with further information or additional content. Any interaction with these sites or social media, especially by clicking on links such as “like” or “share”, will be subject to the conditions of the person’s user account on these sites and their own terms of use. These sites or social networks are strictly independent of BGSi and have their own privacy policy and terms of use. BGSi can not under any circumstances be held responsible for their content, use or practices in terms of privacy or confidentiality.


Article 3 – Legal proceedings

Any breach of the obligations of information or agreements mentioned hereabove as well as any infringement, in any form whatsoever, of the industrial property rights detailed in the present articles may result in the launch of legal proceedings against the offending party by the web publisher BGSi, in order to uphold its rights.


Article 4 – Liability

The publisher of the PDA website, BGSi, takes every care and attention to check the validity and the source of all information published on its site. Nevertheless, BGSi may not be held liable for errors or omissions in information disseminated from third parties, obvious technical errors encountered on the site and all other sites to which technical or commercial links are established, any interpretation of published information on these sites, as well as the consequences of the use of such information.

Similarly, BGSi may not be held liable for the consequences of unlawful intrusion or hacking of its site, by whatever means and in whatever form.