Bertrand Duchaufour, parfumeur créateur

A free and independent spirit, Bertrand Duchaufour is a passionate man, always looking to go a step further in terms of innovation. For Bertrand, a fragrance is a genuine artistic creation that must always arouse sensory emotions. He enjoys playing on contrasts and contradictions, his creations thus seeming somewhat paradoxical, constantly seeking to attain an elusive perfect balance.

A true artist at heart, Bertrand’s creativity finds expression in several different forms, such as drawing, painting and photography… He draws his inspiration from his travels far and wide, to Bhutan and Yemen, Turkey, India and Africa… His fragrance creations bring the very best out of the high quality materials that he prefers to use, essences such as davana, iris, oud, mimosa and osmanthus, powerful yet simple at the same time.

An encounter…

« I immediately bought in to the project outlined to me by Pont des Arts, chiefly because its two creators wanted to revive the traditions of French “haute parfumerie”. Pont des Arts is also the story of how they first met each other, and now of how our paths also crossed. I am particularly delighted to play a part in the creation of this prestigious new brand which undoubtedly enhances the status of our profession.»

Bertrand Duchaufour, perfume creator